10 tips on how to choose the right fish

10 tips on how to choose the right fish

right fish

right fish


Many have heard about the benefits of fish-here you and Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids (the proverbial fish oil), and a number of nutrients that not eatingfish and seafood is much more complicated, much about the variety of food, which will give the inclusion of fish in your diet, and say nothing. I am of the view that there are fish in one form or another will need at least 23 times a week.

It is important to properly Cook the fish, but for the beginning of the fish should be able to choose. This is one of the most important skills necessary for survival in the metropolis, where fully honest sellers and no fishermen from whom you can buy guaranteed fresh goods. Remember a few simple rulesand no one will be able to take advantage of your credulity, that you do not sell fresh fish.


The Council first: buy live fish

The surest way to buy fresh fish — buy her alive. In some large stores can meet aquariums with carp, and just brought the fish can still to show signs of life. But if live fish get failed.


2nd Tip: inspect the gills

Gill is one of the main «Tools» when determining the freshness of the fish. They must be bright red in color, although some fish species they can be dark red.An unpleasant smell, darkened gills? Goodbye, fish.


Tip three: Smell

Buying fish, believe his nose more than ears — the seller can assure that the freshest fish, but the smell will not disappoint. Paradox, but fresh fish fish does not smell. It has a fresh, 3 weak aroma of the sea. The presence of unpleasant, pungent smell is a reason to abandon the purchase.


Tip four: eye to eye

Eyes (not yours, and fish) should be clear and transparent. If eyes become cloudy, or even more so, piled or dried fish is uniquely managed to lie down on the counter longer than necessary.


Tip five: learn the scales

Brilliant, pure skin is a sign of freshness. In the case of marine fish on the surface of scales should not be mucus, but it’s not freshwater indicator: such fish asLin, often prepared without brushing, together with mucus.

learn the scales

learn the scales


Tip six: elasticity test

Lightly on the surface of the carcassthen if it remains fossa, means not enough fresh fish. Have recently caught fish meat is dense, elastic and quickly recovers form.


Tip seven: Choose fillets

Check the freshness of fish fillet is much harder than the whole fish, so unscrupulous sellers often use for double bends are not the best. The best way is to buy whole fish and fillets are done independently, it is advantageous and easy.But if you do decide to buy fillets follow those signs that you are still available:smell, firmness of the meat, the appearance of scales.


The Council eighth: us not up to snuff

Often sellers use various tricks, like selling the carcasses of fish without head, to make it harder to determine freshness, or even trying to extradite defrost fish in chilled. Even if you make a purchase only in proven areasbe extremely careful.


Tip nine: Meat and bones

If you have already bought the fish, brought it home and started to undressremember: If the dice themselves lagging behind the lean, mean, your intuitionwhen choosing fish all you summed up.


10th Council: the restaurant

Ordering fish dishes at the restaurant, you can severely be deceived in their expectations. Fine, if the restaurant has a showcase with ice, in which the fish is laid out and the waiter can competently advise regarding the freshness of fish and seafood. Whether the order of sushiyou decide, I will just say that most fish — except, perhaps, salmoncomes in our sushi bars in frozen form.

Correctly choosing fish you can prepare delicious Fish Kebabs

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