Achma pie

Achma pie

Achma pie

Achma pie


Khachapuri — the pride of Georgian cuisine. The basis of food — a combination of delicate soft brine cheese and fresh dough. There are about 100 kinds of khachapuri, but the queen is considered achma. This delicious layer cake with a golden crust and a filling of goat cheese, cheese, Imereti and Adygei cheese. «Dish, which falls on the first piece,» — so say about achme those who have tried it at least once.



  • Cheese suluguni (salted) — 250 g
  • Adygei cheese (salted) — 250 g
  • Wheat flour — 1 kg
  • Butter (melted) — 200 g
  • Yogurt (3%) or sour — 250 g
  • Water — 300 mL
  • Eggs — 5 pcs
  • Salt


To start put on the stove a pot of water. While it will boil, we knead the dough.

We need all the eggs lightly beaten. And then add to them cream (yogurt), salt and lightly beaten again. Add the flour (pieces) and knead cool, elastic dough.

Once the dough knead immediately (this is very important) it is necessary to divide it into 9 parts, 2 of which must be larger than the other (this is the bottom and top of the cake).

Take the first part of the test (large) — this is our foundation. So, take — now roll out its thin, the size of the pan. The maximum fine should have (even if slightly tear the dough, do not worry). This part of the spread on a baking sheet so that the edges of the formation of 1-2 cm out beyond the form.

The second part is a big put off. We will work with seven small. Here the principle is the same. Roll them thinly, and then — the main manipulation. Hands very carefully drop the prepared layer in boiling water for 15 seconds. skimmer is then transferred into a colander (it can be installed in the kitchen sink) and pour a stream of cold water. Not strong, otherwise it will tear the dough.

Then transfer the welded seam on a towel to remove excess liquid. And only then — on a baking sheet, laid on top of the wet layer. Grease with melted butter. And on top — a layer of cheese. And so — 7 times. But, when we spread the last before the final large reservoir — do not need to sprinkle it with cheese.

So our achma almost assembled, it remains pending roll (great) the second part. It also roll out thinly and cover all the inner layers. It is necessary to cover the top so that the cheese does not emerged, is charged into the upper layer of a first, forming a cake. An important point: the top layer of the test in any case, must not be broken. Now ready achmu lightly press your hands and smear brush the surface and sides — melted butter.


Hide in the fridge for an hour (you can and at night). By the way, before baking you can cheat and cut the cake into pieces, not dorezaya through. So our cake will look beautiful in portions to retain shape. Now you need to warm up the oven to 170 degrees and send to achmu hour.

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