Asian salad — easy healthy recipes

Asian salad — easy healthy recipes 

Asian salad

Asian salad


It seems to me, than the Asians have no equal, so it is in salads of the simplestof ingredients. You can open the fridge and easy to prepare a dozen variationswhich will vary according to taste. One of the tricks is refueling.



  • Chinese cabbage — 150 g
  • Chicken — 60 g
  • Carrot — 60 g
  • Green onions3 sprigs
  • Ginger 2 cm
  • Chile — 4 pieces
  • Sugar — 1 tablespoon
  • Soy sauce 3 tablespoons
  • Sesame oil — 1 tsp
  • White wine vinegar — 1 tbsp


Join in the Bowl the sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil, mix well. You can take any vinegar (5 7%), but with white wine is tastier, followed by Apple and beyond better refuse if these no. Recommend finding a good vinegar, it always comes in handy in the kitchen, the more it’s time for summer salads. With sesame oil the same story: if not, skip this ingredient. But if you buy and try, will never forget the taste.

Cut thin strips of Beijing cabbage. Interestingly, in Beijing it is known as just a cabbage, and in many countries simply Chinese. If there is no handy take iceberg lettuce or something similar, but not the regular cabbage.

Chicken fillet cut into thin slices 2 thick 3 mm. You can take and ready shrimp and whatever (meat, other poultry, even tuna). If you can, and don’t take anything. Naturally, fillet should already be done.

Finely chop Chile together with seeds. Issue severity very spicy (pardon the pun) so everyone decides what is capable of. Again, you can skip this step, but the sharpness just gives the refreshing effect, so waiting for summer.

Carrot slice thin strips (or grate). Onion slice diagonally into pieces in 3 cm. Ginger (2 cm) grate on large grater. Dried here will not work, they have very different flavors and properties. If there is no ginger, grate a couple cloves of garlic, is pretty good too. Connect all the vegetables in a cup and pour the prepared dressing.

And when mix, serve immediately course plates. Do not over tighten because the sauce will subside, and vegetables will start to melted. We need crunchy delicious ingredients and even refilling. So combine all already before serving.

Such a perfect salad Lime Pineapple Chicken

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Asian salad
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