Baked Duck

Baked Duck

Baked Duck

Baked Duck


Holiday almost at the threshold, can someone come in handy recipe. It‘s nothing unusual. But the simpler, as we know, the tastier. The main thing is duck turned out to be soft and not dry. And so the result was just the way it is important to initially buy a good bird, well and properly prepare.



  • Duck weights 22, 5 kg
  • 45 pieces of apples, all varieties, the main thing to solid
  • 23 pieces of Orange
  • 12 lemon
  • figs, if not fresh, you can try adding dried
  • Salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • Rosemary
  • cinnamon sticks, if desired



Wash duck inside and out, wiped dry. Grate (inside and outside) with salt and pepper, you can lightly drizzle with olive oil. Orange and lemon cut into quarters, put inside the same cinnamon stick and a sprig of Rosemary. Fasten the wooden stick. Another important point, at this stage, the correct tie legs and wings. Then, after baking, it will look very decent Lady «, with beautifully folded legs and wings. Bind tightly to the torso first wings, capturing the skin from the neck if it is long. Why do I need to delete the neck and leave the skin and wrap it on the back. Understand, so it is difficult to understand, but if properly remove neck (and it often spoils the whole look), the duck will be clear. Further, this same long thread, tie the legs, pushing them towards the tail. Good tie.

Oven Preheat beforehand to 465 f. Duck put in baking pan breast down, send in the oven for 1520 minutes. Next, turn the breast up, the temperature diminishes up to 170 degrees, cooking another 1.5 hours, occasionally basting fat formed during roasting. On a baking tray, next to the bird spread apples, oranges, lemons, figs. Salt it and Add pepper. Bake approximately 40 minutes more or until done. Define readiness so if I put the stick in the leg and from there emerges a light juice and stick easily enters the meat, duck is ready.

GAT from the oven, cover tightly with foil, 20 minutes rest we give before serving. I am applying to the table already chopped on portions, on a large platter, along with the fruit.

This duck is very tasty and looks festive. To happy holidays you may come in handy recipe Baked Turkey


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