Baked fish in creamy sauce

Baked fish in creamy sauce

Baked fish in creamy sauce

Baked fish in creamy sauce


Baked fish in creamy sauce on onion and carrot cushion. Pillow of carrots and onions lend a subtle aroma of fish and cream makes it taste thorough. In addition, the sour cream camouflages the oiliness of the fish.Baked salmon in a creamy sauceit’s easy, delicious and quick!


  • Salmon steaks — 6 pieces
  • Cream — 500 ml
  • Carrots — 2 pieces
  • Onions — 1 piece
  • vegetable oil
  • salt


Baked salmon with cream, simple recipe for salmon in a creamy sauce Take the salmon steaks or fish cut into themselves to pieces, cleaned from scales and put aside. Onions finely cut.

Two medium-sized carrot rub on a coarse grater. In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil, spread the onion and carrot and fry until golden brown within 7-10 minutes. Take the cream, pour to the onions and carrots, salt to taste, bring to a boil.

Bates fire and spread the salmon steaks, completely immersed in the cream of onion and carrot on a pillow. Cook the fish for 30 minutes, no need to flip. Salmon ready to be served. At the request of the dish can be decorated with lemon, herbs and served with vegetables and olives.

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