Banana chips — healthy food recipes

Banana chips — healthy food recipes 

Banana chips

Banana chips


When the window is like spring, and kind of wouldn’t, there is only one: to watch a good movie and seizing movies experiences any goodies. For example, the chips. For example, from banana. Yes, this is not fast food, of course. But the result is worth it.

I must say first of all a few words about the benefits and nutritional value of bananas themselves. A lot of useful carbohydrates, eat protein and vegetable fats: fats differ in composition the presence of unsaturated fatty acids and proteincontains tryptophanan important and indispensable amino acid. Bananas are rich in fiber and natural sugars, vitamins b, c, and e and mineralspotassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron; somewhat less copper and zincin them.

Tryptophan is needed by our brain in order to ensure its normal operation andto prolong youth of our cells. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which contributes to the development of the hormone serotonin. Each one of us noticed as soon as we eat only one banana and immediately improves the mood, the feeling of hunger recedes (manifested action serotina, which thus helps us to overcome and psychological stress).

How to make banana chips

From mature bananas makes a variety of chips: unsweetened and sweetened,salted, honey, cinnamon and so on. From ripe slices of fresh bananas cooked chips, which are fried in Palm oil and honey. Also the banana slices roasted in oil can dipping in boiling sugar syrup — these chips Crackle and stored for a long time without stabilisers and preservatives. Cut bananas in different ways: sliced, diced, sliced, quarters, halves.

We chop bananas with long, thin slices. It is better to take fruits ripe, but firm when peel them bright yellow, no greying and ponytail slightly greenish. Cut circles sprinkle lemon juice to retain their color and do not blacken.

Lay foil or baking parchment, a little olive oil and spread on him bananas in a single layer. Put in oven and bake an hour and a half. Once in half an hour carefully flip with a spatula so they purchased a smooth golden brown on all sides.

After cooking cool and serve with whipped cream, liquid caramel, chocolate paste or jam.

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