Basil Lemonade — easy healthy recipes

Basil Lemonade — easy healthy recipes

Basil Lemonade

Basil Lemonade


Basil Lemonade you can cook and green basil, but it will be much elegant, if you take the purpleThis lemonade is simply divine!


  • big bunch of purple basil (Raihona / Regan)
  • 3 l of water
  • 1 large lemon
  • Sugar to taste


If you buy the basil on the market, take 3-5 beams, not less, because of large bundles on the market I have not met.
First, cook the syrup, add sugar to taste. At the 3 liters I take somewhere 2/3 cup, you may enjoy more sweet drinks — put as much sugar as you like. In the boiling syrup, add the washed and moved basil (to separate the leaves from the branches is not necessary). Squeeze the juice of a lemon. Boil. Cover the pan with a lid, turn the heat off. Writing brew under the lid. Strain and drink cold.
You can also prepare a drink of tarragon. And sprigs of basil, tarragon or mint can be added to virtually any compote of fruit and vegetables, it turns out very tasty.

Perfect cooling drink that is like the kids and adults. For children, you can cook Raspberry dessert

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