Beef Mozzarella Pizza

Beef Mozzarella Pizza

Beef Mozzarella Pizza

Beef Mozzarella Pizza


In the recipe Beef Mozzarella Pizza blends different types of meat products in one dish and you can easily prepare hearty pizzas for their loved ones. Especially enjoy the pizza men as she is a wonderful snack under the beer!


Ingredients for 1 pizza:

  • dough — 220 g
  • pizza sauce — 100 g
  • mozzarella cheese for pizza — 80 g
  • minced beef (roasted— 50 g
  • kupaty — 30 g
  • Ham 20 g
  • sausage pepperoni salami 15 g
  • paprika 20 g
  • tomatoes — 50 g
  • Emmental cheese 20 g


For the dough:

  • dry yeast — 1 g
  • olive oil — 10 ml
  • drinking water 350 ml
  • Salt — 15 g
  • flour (durum wheat— 700 g


For the sauce:

  • Basil green — 4 g
  • canned tomatoes (preferably pilatti— 1 kg
  • Salt — 4 g
  • black pepper freshly ground — 2 g
  • sugar — 4 g



The first thing to knead the dough. To do this, connect the water of room temperature with yeast, then add to bowl for mixing salt and flour. Knead the dough until smooth, in the end, type extra virgin olive oil. Let it stand in a warm premise under a damp towel for 30 40 minutes. Divide into portions.

Roll out the dough, put sauce on it and while it evenly over the surface. Next, place the ingredients on the pizza toppings: beef, kupaty (previously boiled and chopped circle), thin slices of ham and salami slices, chopped bell peppers (julienne) and tomatoes (sliced).

Sprinkle pizza with two kinds of grated cheese, put it in the oven and Bake until cooked until it becomes Ruddy appearance (2030 minutes) at 356 F.

While the pizza is baked, turn the sauce: skip the tomatoes through a meat grinder and add to them the rest of the ingredients. Basil pre chop with a knife. Mix well and serve together with the finished pizza. Bon Appetit!

You can bake a small Mini pizza

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Beef Mozzarella Pizza
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