Candied carrot — dessert recipes

Candied carrot — dessert recipes

Candied carrot

Candied carrot


You and your baby will adore sweets, but you deny it in-store purchases desserts? And rightly so! After-store goodies are full of preservatives, dyes and stabilizers, which can cause serious illness in humans, not to mention the impact that they have on the child’s body. Now known chef Alla Kovalchuk shared her recipe for candied carrot, which will become your favorite goodies crumbs!



  • Carrot — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 500 g
  • Lemon juice — 2 tablespoons
  • Water — 0.5 l



Carrot peel and cut into cubes. Boil water and syrup of sugar. When the syrup begins to boil, throw in his carrots.

Important: Putting the carrots need only after boiling syrup, then the carrots will not be too soft and will gain the right taste.

Cook for another 15 minutes, then set aside for 5 -7 minutes to cool slightly. Repeat the procedure two more times to carrots soaked sugar syrup and not seethe. At the last boiling add the lemon juice.

Fold carrots in a colander, put on a baking sheet, the laid parchment. Dry in oven at 175-195 F for 30 minutes, then cooled. Sprinkle finished candied sugar.

Bon Appetit!

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