Candied Melon — Kids Cooking Recipes

Candied Melon — Kids Cooking Recipes 

Candied Melon

Candied Melon


Candied fruitsdried fruits, glazed in sugar. More precisely, the drying is the last stage of their preparation. First fruits or vegetables boiled in sugar syrup, gradually increasing its concentration. This is done to reduce the content of cellular juice of fruits to the minimal content. How does it work?

Cooking syrup

Sugar syrup is more dense liquid weight than juice. Therefore, during heating it penetrates inside the fruit, displacing the juice. The process of substitution offruit juice more dense mass that contains a minimal amount of liquid. Besides,after cooling the sugar crystallizes again, and pieces of fruit become more dense. This whole process is nothing but cooking jam, but the initial stage.

Unlike melon jam, in which pieces are stored in syrup, candied retrieved from the future, is dried and then immersed in syrup, dense, even more than during the first cooking. Substitution process occurs again and again — drying.

It is important to:

Prepared pieces of fruit should be lowered into boiling syrup. Therefore, melon must first Blanch and cool. The juice boils faster than boiling syrup and juiceprevents the penetration of the syrup into the intercellular space of the fetus. For the same reason, the process of cooking the fruit in syrup need to repeatedly interrupted each time plunging cooled slices in thick syrup.

Preparation of fruit

Blanching fruit is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the fruit. With some fruit juice goes in the water and fiber compaction by modifying its structure; at the same time, in the process of blanching extends the intercellular space that facilitates access to the boiling syrup inside. Blanching time46 minutes.

Count how many times you want boil until and drying is difficult. Everyone chooses fruits at their discretion, and they are different degree of maturity, density, fruit dices each differently (coarsely or finely). Even grade is important when processing fruit, because the structure of fiber from each class is usuallydifferent. Therefore, the question of how many times you want boil until and dried candied melon at home, solve individually, and navigate to the moisture balance, which must not be more than 20%. The truth, too over dry fruits too.

If you want to make the candied melon at home were as bright as on supermarket shelves, you can always paint them yourself, but using natural food colourings: black currant juice, beets, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, saffron or turmeric powder (Indian saffron). Simply add these ingredients to the syrup while cookingCandied melon flavour at home by using spices, fruit extracts.

In use these candied fruit is no longer in doubt. Just don’t get carried away — lot of sugar use is harmful, but otherwise retains all useful properties of candiedfruit from which they are cooked.


  • Melon (pulp) 2.0 kg
  • Citric acid 3 g
  • or lemon juice 300 ml
  • Water 800 ml
  • Sugar 2.4 kg
  • Lemon peel (optional)


For candied melon are suitable technical maturity, even if they are not sweet. The flesh must be dense. Cut and Blanch in boiling water. Refrigerate.

Prepare a syrup of water and sugar. Acid should be added only when the last cooking syrup. In the boiling syrup density dip blanched slices of melon and cook over low heat for five minutes, remove pans from the stove. Fold the melonslices in a colander, let drain syrup. Lay the slices on the prepared sheet. They can be dried in the oven, preheated to 4050° c, within 46 hours, or outdoors during 12:00. Avoid drying under direct sunlight. It is advisable to candied lay on draught and protected from dust, insects.

Repeat boiling and drying, ensuring the necessary consistence. The last time add the syrup acid Peelvery tasty melon with sourness.

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