Candied Quince — easy recipes for kids

Candied Quince — easy recipes for kids 

Candied Quince

Candied Quince


Candied quince is cooked in southern countries, where growing this amazing fruit. They are served with green tea or put in a sweet rice.

Quince is a wonderful fruit for making candied fruits. Quince pulp dense, candied it produces elastic and translucent, with bright colour and characteristic spicy flavourCandied quince, like everyone else, are the product of candied dried fruit cooked in sugar syrup on the technology of cooking jamwith repeated brief heating to a boil and infusing the syrup in between cooking.



  • Quince — 1 kg
  • sugar — 11, 2 kg
  • water for syrup — 0.50.6 l
  • citric acid — 1/2 tsp
  • Vanillin — if desired



Quince thoroughly my purge one fruit from the rind and cut it in quarters. If the fruit is very hard-rest at 3-5 immerse minutes in boiling water, cool under running cold water and continue cleaning. Cut out the heart with seeds and stony layer. Peeled larger slices of Quince immediately put in cold water, and purification of Cook in a specified quantity of water in the recipe 20-25 minutes, then remove the cleanup. In boiling broth put water extracted from large segments of the cleaned Quince and cook in low boiling minutes 1015. Extract them and cool them. This procedure will ensure that the correct consistency of candied fruit at the same time and enhance their surface for better preservation of the form.


Cooking syrup

On this viscous broth cooking the syrup. Add half or a little more than a specified amount of sugar and warm syrup until it is completely dissolved.

Chilled Quince slices quickly cut into smaller parts of this form and size of what you would like to see finished candied, and immerse them in the boiling syrup.

Bring to a boil and cook 5 minutes boiling in low, stirring gently. Turn off the heat and leave to cool and saturate Quince syrup for a few hours at night.

The next day again bring to a boil, add the remaining sugar.


Cooking a Quince

Gently stir, Cook 5 minutes and leave to saturate. At jam making simply repeat the procedure three times. When cooking candied fruit number of brews, intermittent infusion, it is possible, if enough patience, increased to 45, this will provide the best consistency of finished candied fruit. But at least three cooking is required. When the last cooking add citric acid and optionallyvanilla or other aromatic substances.

As the boiling colour of candied fruit and syrup will become a bright brick red,quince slices become almost translucent and drown in syrup. It is a sign that candied have cooked.

Place candied in a strainer, set on a bowl, and let syrup drain.



Then organize them on a platter or a tray to dry. Drying will take place faster in a warm ventilated room or under the influence of the Sun’s heat, if possible.Dried candied fruits in hot practised off the oven, but we do not recommendthey dry up too intensively, mainly from the surface that becomes hard, sometimes candied fruits are braided. We’re just patiently wait and once a daytwo did not are too lazy to carefully shift the candied fruits, dry dish. With such attention candied to dry out for 57 days, depending on the ambient temperature.

Once they dry out to the point that doesn’t stick to your hands — sprinkling them with powdered sugar, which is partly absorbed, leave to dry for another dayand then put it into a clean jar or tray. Store in the refrigerator if you do not eat right away.



Storage is also practiced candied fruits in syrup with extraction and drying as consumption, but it is quite troublesome, as in our view.

Finally candied fruits are ready. Thanks to boiling the Quince slices in syrup, prepared for viscous broth collections that consistency of candied fruit resembles a taut, springy Marmalade.

Syrup, resulting in the preparation of candied fruit, has the consistency of honey, nice color, nice taste, aroma and quickly diverges when submitting to connection to the family chaepitijah. It can also be successfully used for the impregnation of porous cakes cakes, or prepare it drinks, jelly, sauces.


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