Carrot cake — healthy recipes for kids

Carrot cake — healthy recipes for kids 

Carrot cake

Carrot cake


It is quite usual recipe carrot cake is transformed through interesting approachto decoration dessert is presented in a round form and literally covered with carrots.


For the dough:


  • Egg — 3 pieces
  • Sugar — 225 g
  • Vegetable oil — 180 g
  • Flour — 210 g
  • Soda — 5 g
  • Baking powder — 1 teaspoon
  • Salt — 1 g
  • Walnut — 75 g

For the cheese cream:

  • Philadelphia Cheese — 250 g
  • Powdered sugar — 180 g
  • Butter — 160 g
  • Lemon peel — 1 g



Egg, sugar, vegetable oil, flour, soda, baking powder, salt and Walnut mix in stages in a blender until smooth. Spread it on the round shapes and bake at a temperature about 20 minutes F 356. Check readiness of sponge cake with wooden sticks or toothpicks. The finished cake to cool down and cut lengthwise into two pieces.

Prepare the cheese cream: mix Philadelphia, butter and powdered sugar, add lemon zest. Whip the cream with a mixer, and then lubricate them two pie shells.

Carrots cut into thin long slices. Blanch them in sugar syrup (50 g sugar + 50ml of water, bring to a boil) for 2 3 minutes, then remove them from the saucepan with syrup, let cool.

Decorate the cake with the candied carrots, wrapped around entire surface into thin slices, converging in the Centre. Dessert is ready! Serve it with fresh berries, crushed pistachios and mint leaves.

Another option is a delicious à la carte dessert — Honey Strawberry Cake

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