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How to cook feta cheese

How to cook feta cheese   If you have not tried to make the cheese, the feta cheese recipe is one of the easiest. With it, you can start your acquaintance with the cheeses that can be done in the kitchen. Recipe: Goat’s milk — 2 liters Sour cream Home — 200 ml Pepsin (leaven) — […]

Duck Rillette

Duck Rillette Rillette appeared in France in the XVI century, but until the XVIII century rillette cooked pork only. In the XVIII century appear rillette of birds, including ducks. Classic duck rillette strongly fat. If you remove excess fat, Pate will be more dietary.

Processed cheese with bacon — easy healthy recipes

Processed cheese with bacon — easy healthy recipes   Processed cheese with bacon to cook at home quite easily. It is much tastier than its counterpart of the store contains no chemical additives and its preparation need only 15—20 minutes.

Cabbage & Ham Muffins — easy baking recipes

Cabbage & Ham Muffins — easy baking recipes Recipe Cabbage & Ham Muffins is not only original but also an excellent appetizer. Try! Quick, tasty and satisfying!

Savory muffins — delicious cooking recipes

Savory muffins — delicious cooking recipes   Strictly speaking, snack cupcakes belong to the category «quick bread» and in fact closer to maffinam than to keksam. Yes, and on the table eateries are often muffins substitute for bread, but by themselves they excellent appetizer.