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Scallop Ceviche

Scallop Ceviche   The lavra inventor Ceviche today claims nearly each of the countries of South America. Some sources give this achievement by the Peruvian fishermen, but the Ceviche turned out to be so simple, delicious and interesting dish, that nowit is cooked from Mexico to Chile, and everywhere a little differently. Suggest you the recipe […]

Mushrooms Omelet

  Mushrooms Omelet   Out of all the dishes that are usually eat for breakfast — especially if it’s not about pancakes with jam, Napoleons and similar sweets are my favorite is scrambled eggs. There are lots of omelette varieties — American, French, Italian frittata, Spanish tortilla, and if in addition to this recall variety of fillings, it becomes clear […]

Oatmeal — health recipes

Oatmeal — health recipes  The past 30 years in the town of St. George is celebrated very unusual but very useful holiday which most often falls on the second week of April and has a proud name — world day of oatmeal. Nutritionists believe that such holiday it is time to move beyond America, because, despite the […]

Berry sauce foie gras

Berry sauce foie gras   Probably the most spicy and unusual way of cooking Goose liver, you will love! Very good recipe for a romantic dinner.  

Grilled halloumi — food recipes snacks

Grilled halloumi — food recipes snacks    Halloumi cheese which is very popular in Cyprus. Oh and there for that: this cheese, not particularly remarkable, one unusual property is a high melting point, which you can even Cook on the grill. In addition, it can be eaten fresh, add in pies or FRY in oil, […]