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Baked eggs with cheese toast

Baked eggs with cheese toast

Dried duck breast

Dried duck breast   Dried duck breast is not simple, but very simple. The main thing is to observe the overall technology and don’t forget the salt and Spice set, for example, canbe anything: nobody bothers you use the ones that you like more, I only writeabout those whom I duck seemed the most delicious. Focus […]

Green Peas Pancakes

Green Peas Pancakes   Green Peas Pancakes — the original vegetable appetizer, which even in January will bring to your home memories of bright summer!

Air omelette

Air omelette   If you are not indifferent to omelette for breakfast and think it is already impossible to surprise you, try this recipe. Omelette strikingly air, simply prepared and you can add a variety of supplements, what you like.

Green oil — easy food recipes

Green oil — easy food recipes   Amazingly delicious green oil, cooked the other day. Bright, with a unique aroma and fresh taste that is ideal for salads, soups, boiled or baked potatoes, pasta and so on. Oil perfectly stored in the refrigerator for 2—3 weeks.