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Spicy Cabbage Pie — baking recipes

Spicy Cabbage Pie — baking recipes 

Cheese Pumpkin Pancakes

Cheese Pumpkin Pancakes   Pumpkin is a great autumn vegetable: beautiful, healthy and delicious. Pumpkin is quite versatile, you can cook soup, vegetable stew, dessert, cake toppingsand even excellent pancakes.

Matcha Mango Souffle

Matcha Mango Souffle

Vegetable Tartlets

Vegetable Tartlets   Savory pastry with fillings of seasonal vegetables-a real godsend for the summer menu. Almost every cuisine in the world can boast of unsweetened baking recipes with vegetables, their options—a huge number. Vegetable Tartlets — small portioned pies that can be served with tea, meat and fish dishes or soups.

Potato pancakes — easy dinner ideas

Potato pancakes — easy dinner ideas    Spicy potato pancakes can be perfectly combined with soft yolk poached and crispy salad.