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Potato Quiche

Potato Quiche Quiche is perfect for breakfast. But if you don’t have time to cook it tonight, then romp with sand test may take most of the morning. We offer an alternativethat combines classic and the basis of Quiche stuffing one of the most popular potato dishes that are served for breakfast.  

Vegetable bread

Vegetable bread   I suggest trying out recipes vegetable bread broccoli, beets and carrots. Just four ingredients and very tasty and unusual result! Sandwiches with this bread looks very impressive, and most importantly, this bread is very useful!  

Pancakes — recipes for kids

Pancakes — recipes for kids    Pancakes — traditional breakfast Americans. A distinctive feature of this baking that they bake without butter and baked and lush. They are most often served at breakfast and often eat not one by one, and collecting a few pancakes on top of each other, smearing each layer of syrup or jam and […]

Donuts with surprise

Donuts with surprise Delicious and quick recipe cake Donuts which is simply impossible to break away. And the surprise here is chocolate! Thanks to him, those little dumplings even tastier!

Three Cheese Bread — simple recipes

Three Cheese Bread — simple recipes