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Donuts — dessert recipe

Donuts — dessert recipe    Donuts from the oven does not claim to be dietary, but calories in them considerably less than fried in boiling oil peers.

Universal buns for the burgers and hotdogs

Universal buns for the burgers and hotdogs

Viennese wafers — cheap and easy recipe

Viennese wafers — cheap and easy recipe    There is one great breakfast dish — viennese wafers. It is distinguished by its ease and is ideal to start the next day. They can be served with fresh berries, fruit jam and honey. It is said that if you don’t like sweet, these waffles also enjoy because they […]

Meat pie

 Meat pie Meat pie — recipe for all occasions. Pie with meat cooked for a family lunch, a picnic or on the festive table.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread   Even in ancient times, after the harvest, our ancestors performed rituals to attract wealth. Pumpkin has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, to attract money into the house baked bread just out of the pumpkin!   Recipe: