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Achma pie

Achma pie   Khachapuri — the pride of Georgian cuisine. The basis of food — a combination of delicate soft brine cheese and fresh dough. There are about 100 kinds of khachapuri, but the queen is considered achma. This delicious layer cake with a golden crust and a filling of goat cheese, cheese, Imereti and […]

Biscuits for children

Biscuits for children   Your children love shoplifting biscuits in the shape of small animals? But you’re worried that a lot of dyes and preservatives in them? Now you will learn how to cook biscuits pets for children is much better and cheaper than the store! After all, the sweetness can be useful!

Cappuccino Muffins — good food recipes

Cappuccino Muffins — good food recipes   In the world there is a huge variety of recipes for muffins and ways to decorate them. Present at your trial Cappuccino Muffins

Dietary cheese mini casseroles with cranberries

Dietary cheese mini casseroles with cranberries   Cottage cheese dough is tasty, soft with a pleasant dry structure not add any toppings. Offer to bake small Cupcakes in silicone moulds. Quantity of flour can vary depending on the fat content and humidity of cottage cheese.