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Almond milk Blueberry Smoothie

Almond milk Blueberry Smoothie

Pomegranate punch

Pomegranate punch   Toddy is a traditional winter drink, perfect for new year and Christmas. In a glass of hot punch focused warmth, which is so expensive in these lovely family holidays! Punch recipes. Want to cook something amazingly tasty and festive?Great recipe—Christmas pomegranate punch. This is a beautiful Christmas drink, shining Ruby fire. For […]

Hot apple cider

Hot apple cider   From hot apple cider, you have two options — alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Second, of course, be more useful but alcoholic option will help you avoid colds, if you froze or wet feet. The cider can be quite an interesting replacement for the usual us mulled wine.

Nut Milk — Vegetarian Cooking Recipes

Nut Milk — Vegetarian Cooking Recipes   Have you tried ever nut milk, for example, almond? Here, perhaps to emphasize: we are not talking about the dry milk from the supermarket with the shelf life of a year filled with different preservatives and additives. The benefit of such milk certainly questionable. Another thing—milk, cooked by yourself. […]

Ginger tea — healthy meal ideas

Ginger tea — healthy meal ideas  Many people know that ginger tea is very useful for health and body in General.Ginger is a great cure for many ailments. Ginger root is able to easily cope with the sore throat and any other disease of the throat, also help with weight loss and strengthen immunity.