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Carrot Nut Cake — taste of home recipes

Carrot Nut Cake — taste of home recipes    There is a great variety of versions of this dessert — fashioned Carrot Nut Cake, I want to share. I have a biscuit version. Layers produces succulent and tasty and the cheese cream is a fairy tale! I hope that will satisfy sweet lovers. The recipe is for […]

Red Velvet — best recipes

Red Velvet — best recipes    Just don’t tell that haven’t heard about the Red Velvet! Mistress note — there are many theories about its origin. Some believe that his recipe appeared in the southern part of the United States, someone sure cake recipe originated in the northern part. But we know for sure that this […]

Sesame Cookies — easy recipes for kids

Sesame Cookies — easy recipes for kids    Sesame Cookies lovers peanut cookies, as well as those who like to gnaw something yummy. Remember the magic words that opened the impregnable gateway to the fairy tale about Ali Baba and the forty thieves? Yes, that’s right: «SIM-SIM, open sesame!», or «open sesame!». These words became famous […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake — healthy breakfast recipes

Pumpkin Chocolate Cake — healthy breakfast recipes

Three Chocolate Cake

Three Chocolate Cake