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Angelic cake with cream and berries

Angelic cake with cream and berries   Angelic Cake, or Food Angels is a popular American sponge cake from egg whites. Angelic called sponge cake hails from North America, which appeared in the United States at the end of 19—th century. It got its name because of the air of lightness. This soft white cake has a […]

Pears Cake

Pears Cake   Very yummy and airy Pears Cake. Light cream is perfectly combined with juicy and fragrant pears.

Pear cake — easy dessert recipes

Pear cake — easy dessert recipes   Pear cake turns out dense and moist. The aroma of pears and cinnamon are justamazing. To the cake you can optionally add crushed dark chocolate or nuts.

Mojito muffins — easy dessert recipes

Mojito muffins — easy dessert recipes   When homes have limes, mint and rum, the simplest is to cook the famous cocktail, but it somehow just too. But delicious muffins! Taste wonderful, kind—too,alcohol dissipates and the taste stayed! And I assure you this is nowhere to try,except in your own kitchen!

Coconut tart — best recipes

Coconut tart — best recipes   It is with great pleasure that I share with you the recipe for a wonderful Coconut tart, tasty dough itself (you probably have cookies from it do) very successfully blended coconut here, well combined with soft, juicy, aromatic stuffing is something delicious