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French macarons

French macarons No one knows the exact date of the round cakes, but that a few years ago, they captured the whole world, it is hard to doubt. Macarons — was a favorite dessert of French monarchs for centuries. Recipe to France brought the Italian Princess Catherine de ‘ Medici married Henry II, King of […]

Carrot cake — healthy recipes for kids

Carrot cake — healthy recipes for kids    It is quite usual recipe carrot cake is transformed through interesting approachto decoration dessert is presented in a round form and literally covered with carrots.

Plum Spice Cake

Plum Spice Cake 

French honey cake

French honey cake   There are desserts that taste depends on one ingredient. A big plus that after the process of cooking, we are free to vary the flavor by changing this ingredient. For example, this rustic pie for a taste of honey is responsible. Types of honey dozens, means you can do different cake […]

Peach pie

Peach pie   Incredibly delicious, juicy peach, crumbly cake that is cooked quickly and easilyand is perfect for a friendly tea party.