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Alfajores Cookies

Alfajores Cookies   Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe Argentine gentle, fragile,melting in the mouth Alfajores Cookies. Alfajores name comes from the Arabic, and means «fantastic» or «gorgeous« sweets. First Alfajores appeared in Iberia during the period of Al-Andalus. History is rooted in the 16 century! When the Spaniards found new world turned […]

Banana bread

Banana bread   Banana bread owes its origin especially the bananas themselves. Bananas soldloads and sang all together. When families could not cope with so many bananas and freeze them was impossible, they invented a recycle, adding to the dough. Bananas quickly becomes mellow and in this State is not particularly desirable,but it is soft […]

Tarte Tatin — easy delicious recipes

Tarte Tatin — easy delicious recipes    The recipe for this «inverted« Apple Pie has become a classic of French cuisine.Probably everyone knows the legend about how one of the sisters Tatin, defenders of the hotel in a small town South of Paris, on gaffes or inadvertently spoiled Apple Pie toppings. Saving dish, covered his test […]

Rustic Tart with Seasonal Vegetables

Rustic Tart with Seasonal Vegetables   Many fear the arrival of late autumn and winter due to the lack of the former diversity of vegetables on the shelves, but if you know how to properly handlewith pumpkin and root vegetables, which abounds in this time, you can easily prepare rich and budget dinner. A striking example is […]

Microwave Mug Cake

Microwave Mug Cake With the advent of recipes cupcakes and other desserts mug anyone can cooka full meal, not even being able to handle with an oven. In addition, each of therecipes require a minimum of ingredients, time and only one mug. But it’s notas easy as it seems, so we dismantled the five most […]