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Braised chicken — simple recipes

Braised chicken — simple recipes   Chicken breast has always been famous for its dietary qualities. Besides preparing it quickly and easily. However, very often it happens that the chicken after cooking can be dry, rigid and malosedobnoy. Do you want to prepare a juicy and tasty chicken breast, which will melt in your mouth? Then […]

Grilled Chicken — yummy easy meals

Grilled Chicken — yummy easy meals   Grilled Chicken — incredible easy to prepare and very tasty dish. Marinated inaromatic spices, fried on both sides until golden brown, served with potato or vegetable salad.

Stuffed chicken — tasty recipes

Stuffed chicken — tasty recipes   Stuffed chicken with spectacular recipe is simple and dishes for the holiday table. Cooking stuffed chicken will require quite a bit of your time, because she is completely alone!