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Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes

Truffles in coconut milk — chocolate recipes    What could be more delicious chocolates? Truffles on coconut milk produces very tasty and are perfect for an evening with your family and called reception.

Chocolate cake pop — easy cooking

Chocolate cake pop — easy cooking 

Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella   Nutella paste symbolizes Italy and 5 February-World Dn’ Nutelly. On a sweet paste write poems, sing songs and they eat chocolate it, smearing a lot of bread toast, croissants and starting using sunscreen to homemade cakes. Recipe Nutelly easily reproduce at home — in the end, home cooked pasta to taste and […]

Chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle   Even the word «Chocolate truffle« already sounds delicious and hopefully. In stores there are many variations on the theme, but most of them suffer from nenatural’nost’ju composition, with substitutes only, which makes these candy so tasty. But nothing prevents to cook them at home. Believe me, you delight!

Power cocoa

Power cocoa Delicious help your heart