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Snickers Candy

Snickers Candy Have you ever thought about the fact that you can cook «Snickers» at home? Snickers Candy look different, but the taste is very similar. Let’s try! Recipe: Vanilla, dry (powder) — 350 grams Peanuts, shelled and roasted — 200 grams Cocoa powder is bitter — 2 tablespoons Pasteurized whole milk — 50 ml Powdered […]

Homemade chocolate with nuts

Homemade chocolate with nuts   I suggest that you prepare a home chocolate for this recipe, which is very quick to do that, of course, will delight not only in children but also in adults. But it is not so easy to do it correctly and that you have not had unsuccessful attempts, I advise […]

Coconut almond milk hot chocolate

Coconut almond milk hot chocolate Hot chocolate can be prepared with almond and coconut milk. It is not only delicious, but also useful

Сhocolate pistachio truffles

Сhocolate pistachio truffles   Pistachio and chocolate! Fans of sweets will appreciate the speed of cooking food, taste, refinement and exclusivity cooked Сhocolate pistachio truffles! Recipe: 200g favorite chocolate 1 whipping cream pack (not less than 30%), 200 ml 20 g butter a handful of pistachio nuts (unsalted)

Sweets Brigadeiro — chocolate recipes

Sweets Brigadeiro — chocolate recipes   In distant solar Brazil has remarkable delicacy, reminiscent of chocolate candies with fillings. The name of this delicious dessert Paulo and prepare it from thecondensed milk. For ease of preparation and tender chocolate taste candy so liked overseas residents that quickly became their favourite sweets. Just three ingredients and turns […]