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Watermelon & Melon Dessert — yummy food recipes

Watermelon & Melon Dessert — yummy food recipes In the heat of summer Watermelon & Melon Dessert is the perfect treat. He prepares very simple.

Watermelon Dessert — easy recipes

Watermelon Dessert — easy recipes In this article, we offer you a simple recipe for fragrant and delicious Watermelon Dessert, which will take pride of place on the holiday table on any family holiday or cocktail party. Just this luscious and beautiful dessert will be a great snack option for those who are watching their […]

Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes

Fruit and yoghurt dessert — health recipes   Fruit and yoghurt dessert. Very quick and easy recipe which is not ashamed toentertain guests. It is refreshing and brings coolness in sultry day, but contains fewer calories than ice cream. Especially women like it, observing figure.

Cottage Cheese Marshmallows

Cottage Cheese Marshmallows  Marshmallows with the taste and flavour of blackcurrant will not leave anyone indifferent — refined taste and gentle aroma will make your tea party perfect!

Cardamom panna cotta

Cardamom panna cotta Cardamom panna cotta is an Italian dessert cream, which are usually served together with berries, fruits and sweet sauce.