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Lemon Sauce Fish

Lemon Sauce Fish   Submitted by this recipe for lemon sauce somewhere between classical sauces, beurre Blanc and Dutch, it gets much easier than any of them, and equally well suited to both white and Red fish. I had a small char—salmon family living incold Northern Lakes and seas — but you can FRY described me […]

Fish in parchment

Fish in parchment   The fish in the oven — healthy dinner recipes. 10 minutes to chop vegetables, another 20 on cooking in the oven—and half an hour later we get an excellent dinner, a tasty, healthy, filling meals exciting aroma. You are looking for something more suitable for a weekday evening? Except pasta — but even the […]

Lemon Thyme Fish

Lemon Thyme Fish

Cod Pil-Pil — quick recipes

Cod Pil-Pil — quick recipes    It seems ever since I first tried it this way, the only way cod and cook. This classic recipe called Cod Pil-Pil, invented where cod and olive oil in a special premium. Spaniards and Portugueses understandably prepare this dish of salted cod, but this is completely optional — tasty Сod Pil-Pil is no less […]

Fish baked with tomatoes

Fish baked with tomatoes   There are classic recipes, prohibitively so simple that to him and begs some epithet. In France such a recipe we would call the village in Greece—Island, but the essence is the same: come from the most simple local produce and are subjected to gentle cooked, so that cooking with cope […]