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Fish stew — easy dinner ideas

Fish stew — easy dinner ideas

Baked Trout — easy healthy dinner recipes

Baked Trout — easy healthy dinner recipes    Baked Trout in foil or parchment — thought sensible, if on the output I want to get the balance between benefits and taste. Judge for yourself: all the juices remain inside, the fish turns out tender and fragrant, and when this half baked and half is steamed, «locked« in an envelope […]

Grilled seafood

Grilled seafood   If we talk about real summer pleasures, there is little that can compare with outdoor cooking. That stimulates the appetite is stronger than fresh air, fire, birds singing and the juicy piece of meat? But the grill is not only meat. So, fish and seafood are the best candidates for grilling, as is […]

Salted trout — easy recipes

Salted trout — easy recipes    Salted trout is lovely and not the most expensive alternative salted chiefly trout, doing that lately has become embarrassingly expensive. Buying big, under a couple of kilo, an instance of the rainbow trout, can cook two large pieces of high-grade saltwater fish, you and your entire family will be eating […]

Fish Kebabs — easy dinner ideas

Fish Kebabs — easy dinner ideas    For such fish kebabs fit halibut or sturgeon. Serve them roasted potatoes or a green salad.