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Baked salmon

Baked salmon World gripped by an epidemic of cardiovascular disease. In order to protect themselves from disease, doctors are advised to increase your intake of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Execute recommendations-for dinner will be baked salmon!

Cod fillet on vegetables

Cod fillet on vegetables 20 grams of protein and less than 200 kcal per portion-here are the arguments in favour of this prescription cod fillets. It will turn out, of course, delicious. And about the beautiful filing won’t have to worry is also a plus. cod fillets What you need:

Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals

Cocotte eggs — tasty nutritious meals   Сocotte eggs — breakfast that will appeal to fans of the original hereby food and gourmets. He has a very unusual taste, because it blends perfectly with the fish eggs!

Fish soup — fish recipes

Fish soup — fish recipes     Fish soup — delicious and easy to prepare food. Firstly, for cooking fish soup is suitable for almost any fish and river and sea. And secondly, all the remaining ingredients are chosen exclusively according to your taste: soup can add flour, various cereals, vegetables, spices and even wine.

Salmon salad — recipe ideas

Salmon salad — recipe ideas   Salmon salad has the full right to take its rightful place at any holiday table. Firstly, it is delicious and easy to prepare. Secondly, it consists of traditional ingredients and they can eat (experienced cooks will understand what I‘m talking about). Thirdly, thanks to your diligence, it turns into a […]