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Crabs Saffron Risotto — italian recipes

Crabs Saffron Risotto — italian recipes 

Roast Duck — lunch recipes

Roast Duck — lunch recipes   

Vegetable Pasta — easy recipes

Vegetable Pasta — easy recipes    Pasta is very hearty and nutritious dish, if you use it like they do in Italy, without Add-ons in the form of fatty meat products. Vegetable pasta perfect for diet food, during fasting, if you remove from the recipe cheese, as well as enjoy thevegetarians. Delicate, spicy aroma of Basil […]

Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice   Again very easy in execution of a recipe — fried rice with addition of shrimp.«A masterpiece for half an hour» is probably the exact name of the dish.

Baked Mussels Mornay

Baked Mussels Mornay