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Roast Turkey Breast — Dinner Party Recipes

Roast Turkey Breast — Dinner Party Recipes   Approaching the new year, but what are the holidays without Roast Turkey Breast! Recipe: 500 g Turkey fillet vegetable oil to taste salt and pepper (or spices for Turkey) 200 g cranberry 1—2 tablespoons honey one Orange little good port wine (or red wine)

Spanish paella

Spanish paella Today in your kitchen is a real Fiesta. Aroma of fragrant spices, rice grains, softGolden pieces of squid, sweet shrimp and fragile shells with gentle mussels—Spanish paella!

Crock Pot Roast Pork

Crock Pot Roast Pork

Braised Rabbit — healthy recipe

Braised Rabbit — healthy recipe   Diet and healthy Braised Rabbit meat is not so popular among our citizens, as, say, chicken. That it is good and how to cook it properly? Now let’s deal.

Saksuka — breakfast recipes

Saksuka — breakfast recipes   Saksuka is a very tasty dish, which is considered the birthplace of North Africa.The main ingredients are eggs with tomatoes. To improve the recipe, gettingmore refined taste, you can add various seasonings and different products. Cooking options this culinary delicacy a lot, but it turned out juicy and satisfying, you […]