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Homemade sausage

Homemade sausage   Agree, loved by all. But often, when you buy in the store of frankfurters, we think about their composition, the conditions of preparation and expiry date. Now you can not think, because we own hands will prepare delicious homemade chicken sausage. They are easy to Cook, they are appetizing to look at, […]

Turkey roulade — easy dinner ideas

Turkey roulade — easy dinner ideas    Cute to look at, delicious, juicy, and while useful Turkey roulade is appropriateand festive, and everyday desktop.   Cooking time is 10 minutes + 3:00

Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka   Greek moussaka — great summer dish! Vegetables, minced meat, mushrooms, cheese, Bechamel … On the one hand and, on the other hand, easily satisfying.Not for nothing in the summer midday heat, the inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula with pleasure lunch moussaka: because she is good in both hot and cold,it combines the ease of […]

Cured Meat — Cooking Secrets

Cured Meat — cooking Secrets   Cured Meat is one of those snacks that it’s perfectly possible to prepare yourself at home. Agree, dish cooked at home—it is always better to purchase, because you always know what ingredients were used in it, confident for its quality and freshness.

Roast Beef with Vegetables

Roast Beef with Vegetables