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Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie   This recipe for Chicken Pie — very tasty and hearty dish which is a dish.

Baked Turkey — tasty food recipes

Baked Turkey — tasty food recipes  Baked Turkey — traditional holiday dish. It is assumed that in the center of the festive table will dish out someone who not so long ago ran or flew. Describe how to choose, how to prepare and submit the main meal. Firstly, Turkey is a source of tryptophan, which promotes sound sleep. […]

Oranges Duck

Oranges Duck     Before you Oranges Duck—Lite interpretation of French classics: deal with duck breast is much easier than with a whole bird. Fatty meat? Nothing a little patience andslow fire, and all the fat will remain outside.

White Wine Veal

White Wine Veal    White Wine Veal is best obtained from pieces with exactly the brain bone — the so-called Ossobuco, Milanese food. Usually served with risotto Alla Milanese or with hot polenta, seasoned cheese. The recipe is not exactly a traditional carrot changes everything, but her sweetness here is very out of place.

Honey Ginger Pork

Honey Ginger Pork   Honey Ginger Pork sounds weird? So what, taste of tea with lemon, too, not all understand at first, but now the entire planet enjoy. If the pieces of pork seem large, you can cut them in half, and that’s already better than salting after the meat has passed thermal processing, otherwise […]