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Pork Pate — good food recipes

Pork Pate — good food recipes Recipe: pork (neck) is 700 g fresh brisket — 350 g Onion—4 pieces Carrot—1 piece mushrooms—200 g eggs — 1 piece Rosemary — 4 sprigs ground thyme—1 tsp black pepper—1 tsp nutmeg is a 1/3 teaspoon Bay leaves—4 pieces salt-1 teaspoon Brandy — 2 tablespoons cream (20%)—100 ml

Meat pie

 Meat pie Meat pie — recipe for all occasions. Pie with meat cooked for a family lunch, a picnic or on the festive table.

Mini-skewers: maximum benefit

Mini-skewers: maximum benefit No matter how you name it: Shish kebab or špažkami. Importantly, the grill and barbecue season is not to find a simpler, low-calorie and healthy way to build something edible. Most importantly, take advantage of the most useful tips on preparation main dishes. The essence of the mini—kebabs on wooden sticks is simple, […]

Mushrooms and Duck Cake

Mushrooms and Duck Cake   Mushrooms and Duck Cake turn out very tasty, juicy and delicious! Cook themeasier than ever, and even a novice can easily cope with this task. About the features and nuances of this cooking baking, see this article.

Beef skewers

Beef skewers   Take into service a simple way to cook a juicy beef without firewood, complex marinades and skeptical men. This lightweight version of the barbecue will not be as harmful to your health as it is a high-calorie counterpart.   Recipe: 20 cherry tomatoes 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 50 g arugula 350g boneless […]