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Turkey Burgers with Pepperjack and Cheese

Turkey Burgers with Pepperjack and Cheese   On new year’s table all more common baked Turkey. But very often the meat remains after the holidays. And the question is where to put it? Try to cook thesandwiches. So many Americans. And correctly. Because this dish is well suitedfor breakfast and light snacks, because Turkey meat […]

Goat cheese and cherry sandwiches

Goat cheese and cherry sandwiches   Crostini — This small sandwiches in the Italian spirit that you can cook as charcoal, and in a conventional oven.   Recipe: for 24 pieces 500 g cherries (cut in half, pitted) 24 slices of baguette 120 g soft goat cheese 1/8 h. L. sea salt 1/8 h. L. […]

Beef burger — meal recipes

Beef burger — meal recipes   Want to learn how to cook homemade beef burgers is no worse than in the most fashionable locations? Then try this recipe.

Fish burgers — easy cooking

Fish burgers — easy cooking   Each of us at least once frequented the fast-food restaurants — fast foods. Their food is tempting with its aroma, sharp and intense flavor, lots of sauces and, of course, harmful additives and fats. We offer homemade burger recipe with fish — absolutely safe and very tasty dishes. No concentrates […]

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches   Smoked Salmon Sandwiches for lovers of crisp crusts and soft, but savory fillings. Option «included», unfortunately, does not pass — only works in the form of heat. Cream cheese is better to take the type of Philadelphia. Ingredients for 2 servings: