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Coffee syrup

Coffee syrup Coffee syrup you can buy, and you can cook at home, and the density that you need: very thick for decorating baking or medium density for wider application. Any chef will confirm that coffee syrup is an excellent ingredient for baking and a wide range of cocktails. Thick syrup you can decorate cake, […]

Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce   Asking «why should I refrigerate tomato sauce?» as interested in why my money in the Bank? «-the answer is obvious. The bright tomato sauce can to fill the pasta, itwill serve as a basis for pizzas, filling for lasagna and replaces the ketchup, in the end. Plus contained in tomatoes, lycopene, unlike […]

Mini-skewers: maximum benefit

Mini-skewers: maximum benefit No matter how you name it: Shish kebab or špažkami. Importantly, the grill and barbecue season is not to find a simpler, low-calorie and healthy way to build something edible. Most importantly, take advantage of the most useful tips on preparation main dishes. The essence of the mini—kebabs on wooden sticks is simple, […]

Guacamole — breakfast recipes

Guacamole — breakfast recipes   Guacamole — a Mexican sauce with avocado in the title role and onions, chili peppers, and sometimes tomatoes and greens on podhvate.Chtoby cook it at home, enough to stretch your mashed ripe avocado, lime juice and season with salt, then stir in the finely — chopped onion and hot peppers. Adding […]

Plum sauce — healthy food recipes

Plum sauce — healthy food recipes   Plum sauce is prepared easily, and with proper preparation can be stored for a very long time.