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French onion soup

French onion soup   Without a doubt, onion soup could think only the French. To take only one (And, moreover, not the most notable), a vegetable, and fully reveal his character and taste, which are in a different state of aggregation can only guess — there should be a great skill! The result is an […]

Lentil soup — simple recipes

 Lentil soup — simple recipes Before you recipe delicious lentil soup. Red lentils has a soft and pleasant tastewith spices and vegetables.  

Cucumber & Beet Cacık

Cucumber & Beet Cacık Cucumber & Beet Cacık — this lightweight cold soup based on yogurt or buttermilk with cucumber and Greens. I want to offer you the original recipe for Cacık with the addition of boiled beets, which makes the flavor and color of the soup just phenomenal! Recipe is very simple and time costs ridiculously minimal. […]

Peas with Mint Cream Soup

Peas with Mint Cream Soup   Don’t know how you and me polka dot just beckons in summer. It is all so young and so green, just no forces to walk past him in the markets and not be tempted to buy a kilo or two bright pods. And then bring home, clean it and cook […]

Bouillabaisse Soup — gourmet food recipes

Bouillabaisse Soup — gourmet food recipes