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Onion soup — simple recipes

Onion soup — simple recipes   Onion soup — traditional French dish first. If initially was considered a poor meal onion soup, today it can be found in virtually every French restaurant.

Pumpkin cream soup

Pumpkin cream soup   Pumpkin cream soup — quite tasty and healthful. Even if you don’t love the pumpkin, you’ll love this recipe, because its taste is not very strongly felt, and the soup turns out tender andfragrant.

Mushroom soup — vegetarian cooking

Mushroom soup — vegetarian cooking   Typically such a mushroom soup is prepared based on the various broths, like meat and vegetables, mushroom, hen or milk, the water, with the addition of cream. For the density often add a little boiled potatoes, mashed into a puree. We are in our today’s recipe will tell you about […]

Paprika Soup

 Paprika Soup   Paprika Soup — delicious, rich and beautiful soup, which betray forces and raise the mood!

Soup with mussels

Soup with mussels   Prepare unusual and very tasty recipe — soup with mussels. Even those who don’t often cooks seafood,this food will enjoy.