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Mandarin muffins

Mandarin muffins If after a few weeks of eating fresh mandarins you wanted diversity, try to prepare a fragrant seasonal pastries — simple lush Mandarin muffins with sweet and sour citrus syrup.

Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback Potatoes   More non-standard potato side dish for new year backgrounds and staff were extremely helpful. In the classic version serves potatoes stuffed with slices of bacon and cheese, but we will pay attention to other variations.

Rabbit white wine

Rabbit white wine   Rabbit seldom prepare in their entirety. The front part of the carcase is rich in connective tissue and pretty stiff. The most delicious legs. It is better to take a light pink rabbit weighing up to 1.5 kg is a dish turn out soft and gentle. To get rid of the smell, […]

Chocolate Paste Cookies

 Chocolate Paste Cookies We’re used to smear chocolate paste on toast, make her a candy or eat straight from the can, but you can use Paste as a filling for cookies. Chocolate chip cookie, of course. The result is a compact analog fondant, which is cooked quicker and easier, can be stored in the freezer, […]