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Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes with garlic

Fried potatoes & mushrooms

Fried potatoes & mushrooms   Fried potatoes & mushrooms chanterelle, yes with golden potatoes, who refuses such an incredibly tasty lunch?  

Chile Jam — easy vegan recipes

Chile Jam — easy vegan recipes    Today raise the mood and the immune system through healthy and tasty recipe: jam from Chile peppers to cold meats and cheeses for all who want to try something new.  

Oven French Fries — quick low fat recipes

Oven French Fries — quick low fat recipes   French fries in its traditional cooking is definitely tasty, but very nutritious dish! This recipe is very simple, all the same delicious, but much more useful!

Baked Vegetable Chips

Baked Vegetable Chips That crisp food seems to be people more appetizing, scientists could not prove: we know how to affect the behavior of deep-fried breaded schnitzel and pretzels. Potato chips so far this drug: fatty, salty, seasoned with flavors-in other words, they have everything to the brain without even thinking to resist. Use same—zero […]