Cheese cake — taste of home recipes

Cheese cake — taste of home recipes

Cheese cake

Cheese cake


Cheese cake are deservedly love gourmands. We offer you a delicious recipe, gentle and easy cake with cream cheese.


  • cheese 15% — 800 g
  • flour — 450 g
  • eggs — 4 pieces
  • sugar — 475 g
  • soda — 6 g
  • cornstarch — 12 g
  • milk 2.5% — 1100 ml
  • butter — 300 g
  • vanilla sugar — 8 g
  • powdered sugar — 75 g
  • Lemon — 1 pieces (15 ml juice)
  • cream 25% — 300 ml
  • gelatine — 15 g
  • berries and fruits for decor


Grind curd, add the sugar, whisk blender. Add the egg yolks and repayment of soda. Leave for 15 minutes. Then add flour, knead the dough. Roll out 10 cakes, bake them at a time for 5-7 minutes at a temperature of 356 ° F. Trim Finished cakes with a round shape: cut the excess dough.

Prepare the custard. Mix proteins with flour and sugar, add the vanilla sugar and starch. Whisk. Heat the milk, add to the proteins, then add the whipped butter. Prepare the sour cream and cream cheese. Grind curd, add sour cream, sugar and vanilla sugar. Beat with a mixer.

Transfer the custard cakes and sour cream and cottage cheese cream, alternating them. Decorate the top of berries and fruits.

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