Chicken vegetable sauce

Chicken vegetable sauce

Chicken vegetable sauce

Chicken vegetable sauce

Chicken vegetable sauce is a wonderful dish. In season vegetables can be cooked very bright and saturated dish, this recipe is no exception. The taste is quitesaturated, the most usual hen comes out very juicy.

Don’t miss out on this recipe is out of sight, he zaljazhet in your heart, and will delight your excellent taste quite often. This option is perfect for cooking of nature by making chicken with vegetables in a large cauldron on the fire, the result will be the highest.


  • Chicken — 1 piece
  • Lemon — ½ pieces
  • Olive oil — 60 ml
  • Garlic — 6 cloves (3 whole, crushed 3)
  • Olives without stones — 40 g
  • dry chamomile, seedless grapes
  • For the vegetable sauce
  • Tomatoes — 400g
  • Sweet pepper — 1 piece
  • White wine (sweet) — 150 ml
  • thyme and seedless grapes



Chicken to cut into pieces, rub chamomile, garlic and vegetable oil. Make deep cuts and lard chicken halves of olives, grapes, garlic, and thin slices of lemon. Bake under the foil in the oven at 392 F.

For the sauce

Onions fry in butter until soft. Add diced tomatoes, peppers, grapes and spices. Simmer for 10 minutes. For 5 minutes until cooked add the wine.

Baked chicken pieces placed on the pan and pour vegetable sauce. Simmer, covered for about 10 minutes.

For dinner you can prepare Caesar salad with chicken

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