Chile Jam — easy vegan recipes

Chile Jam — easy vegan recipes 

Chile Jam

Chile Jam


Today raise the mood and the immune system through healthy and tasty recipe: jam from Chile peppers to cold meats and cheeses for all who want to try something new.



  • Spices (star anise1 star, allspice2 pea, coriander4 pea)
  • Vinegar (white wine) is 20 ml
  • Sugar350 g
  • Spicy red pepper (56 pieces)60 g
  • Apple (2 large) is 0.5 kg
  • Bell Pepper (3 large) is 0.5 kg



Wash and dry fruits/vegetables. Remove seeds (working with hot peppers is better in the kitchen gloves), apples to remove the Peel. Arbitrarily cut peppersand apples, lay in a suitable Bowl, pour in sugar. Defer to 1224 hours at room temperature.

Over medium heat bring the mass to a boil. Further reduce fire and Cook, stirring occasionally, 40 minutes. Remove the Pan from the heat and break througha lot of down the Blender (work carefully to avoid splashing of hot jam). Homogeneous mass return to the heat and add the spices. Boil half an hour over low heat, add the vinegar and cook another five minutes.

Set jam mixture per day (an asterisk precedes the badian catch). Let boil and pour in sterilized banks.

Simply delicious cheese! No less tasty will spread the Jam Chile on bread over butter.


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