Breakfast Chocolate Balls — chocolate recipes

Chocolate Breakfast Balls — chocolate recipes

Chocolate Breakfast Balls

Chocolate Breakfast Balls


In childhood I go crazy everything from Chocolate Breakfast Balls that ate out of the boxnot even squeezed milk. Sometimes took them into the Pocket and was happyto walk. Then I try them as breakfast with milk, tasty, satisfying, fun.

Now the breakfasts were «older«, but sometimes you want to remember the past, and if you have children is generally cool, they love those balls.


  • Flour — 160 g
  • Carob — 2030 g
  • Almond flour — 20 g
  • Honey — 75 g
  • Yogurt — 1 tablespoon
  • Protein — 1 thing
  • Salt — 1/2 tsp



I want you to notice that in contrast to purchase these balls have a slightly different texture, they are less loose. But they have a big plus you know exactly what ingredients are used. Join in the cup all the ingredients. Goodmix to make a great uniform ball of dough.

Note that in the ingredients I use no cocoa and carob. In terms of baking theybehave the same, but is much more useful.

Of the finished dough remove small pieces and roll balls.. Here is a very cool Captivate children, let them also help make future breakfast, I think this is fascinating.

Bake them at 350 F 15 minutes. After the first five minutes, I pulled thebaking tray and interfere with balls every 3 minutes so that they more evenlypropekalis’ and not podgorali.

The finished balls let cool and fold in a jar. Serve with milk and fresh berries. It will be very delicious and healthy!

If you want to treat relatives a delicious chocolate dessert, prepare Chocolate Coffee Mousse

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