Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Like everyone else, Chocolate Coffee Mousse the best cook in the evening, then the texture will be perfect. In case of emergency stop and 23 hours.

I liked this recipe is pretty simple, but the main course here is taste. Very dense and gentle mousse with bright chocolate taste. For chocolate lovers, this will be a holiday. This rich chocolate-coffee flavor I tried only once.



Bittersweet chocolate — 200 g
cream 35% — 200 ml
Water — 3 tablespoons
Instant coffee 1 tablespoon
Butter — 3 tbsp
Sugar — 3 tbsp
Yolk — 3 pieces
Protein — 3 pieces


For we need to prepare Moussе three pieces and then mix together. Start withheavy cream, pour into a bowl and beat with a mixer on maximum speed of 56 minutes, until a thick consistency. Remove whipped cream in the fridge, they don’t like the heat.

The second part is the egg yolks. Fluff up their with sugar until yolk is not white and not double. This means that all the sugar has dissolved and the mass was filled with oxygen. That will give an airy texture Mousse.

Now prepare a water bath. For this way in the saucepan of water and put the Bowl so that the water has not reached its bottom, is very important. If you overheat the chocolate he collapses in the flakes. When the water boils in a bowl toss broken chocolate bar, butter, water and coffee. If you don’t like too chocolate-coffee tastes do not add and replace the piece of chocolate milk.


Cooking chocolate

As the chocolate and butter will begin to melt, stirring spatula very carefully. It is impossible to overexpose or overheat the chocolate as soon as you got a smooth uniform texture is immediately remove from heat.

Let the chocolate mass is slightly cool and add a little to the egg yolks. Thus you heat gently chocolate and prepare to hot chocolate. If you mix the whole lotat once the yolks can boil in cereals. We do not need. Then add the remaining chocolate and gently with a spatula mix to homogeneous weight.


Cooking Mousse

The next stage of fluff up whites in the foam. This will be our third component.It will take 510 minutes, we need good oxygen enrichment and resistant foam, don’t be lazy. Protein foam will add to the chocolate and stir again to homogeneity. Left to get the cream out of the fridge and mix with the resulting mass.

Let you not cheating the light color in the refrigerator well weight darken. Pour mousse on forms and be sure to cover every film or foil. Thus we prevent the emergence of the unpleasant cover.

After about 23 hours mousse thickened and it can serve. But the real taste and texture will appear on the morning. Apparently mousse refers to those masses that change their properties there is no temperature, but from the time the headlamp.

If you love mousse, be sure to prepare Honey Mint Panna cottaThis delicious recipe is sure to enjoy you and your children.


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