Chocolate Dessert — easy cooking

Chocolate Dessert — easy cooking 

Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Dessert


If you love truffles candy, then this dessert for you. By and large this is the truffle, only small deviations.

It is prepared very quickly, especially with my new system, melting chocolate. In the end, you will have very chocolate dessert with interesting accents, of which the talk below. Do it beforehand, because such desserts for quite a long time of hardening (leave the dessert in the freezer at least overnight). But beyond expectation you will be rewarded with very gentle chocolate dessert.



Dark chocolate — 400 g
Cream 33— 200 g
Egg yolks — 3 pieces
Water — 40 g



Melt the 420450 grams of dark chocolate, it is very important to take a minimum of 70%, otherwise he simply did not fall asleep. Just break it up into small pieces, put in bag or pastry bag. High capacity hot water and pour down the bag there. Every couple of minutes grab bag and a little crush it to warm chocolate on the edges of mixed with colder in the middle. After about 58 minutes you will have a homogeneous chocolate.

At this time, bring cream 33% to a boil and remove from heat. In a skillet, andyou can be in the bowl in the microwave. You understand that by mixing the cream with chocolate, we get a ganache. But that’s another story.

Separate the three egg yolks and mix in a bowl with warm water. Place the Bowl on a water bath and stir constantly with a whisk, hold 23 minutes. The mixture will start to foam, but do not overdo it, and then get an omelet. Pour the egg yolks in the bowl of a mixer and beat a good 3 minutes. Pour in the chocolate and stir again. Mixed, pour the cream.

In the form put the parchment, of course, it’s best to use a rectangle (for bread or muffins). I used 8 x 25 cm. Pour the mixture, gently straighten and sprinkle with coarse salt. This step is in any case not miss. Chocolate with salt it is almost classic.

And the top sprinkle pretzels, just pressing them in a dessert. Remove in the fridge at least overnight. These desserts based on combination love to stand up longer in the refrigerator. And we don’t just give, and filtrate it appear structural relations (that’s why you keep it longer than the time of cooling). Absolutelydelicious it will be through the day.

Cut hot wet knife to the desired pieces and serve immediately. Dessert is verygentle, melts. If you want to he was stable, increase the amount of chocolate on 100 grams, but then it wouldn’t be such a win.

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