Chocolate Meringue

Chocolate Meringue

Chocolate Meringue

Chocolate Meringue


I love merengue. But with the meringue has one problem, it is too sweet. However, this problem solves chocolate meringue. After all, it’s just a gorgeous solution, add chocolate, bitter chocolate meringue! The sweetness of the meringue softens bitterness successfully chocolate, it’s simply the perfect Union! So I highly recommend you try these meringue, is sure that they will not leave anyone indifferent!



  • 4 squirrel
  • 200 g sugar
  • 100 g dark chocolate


To begin with, melt chocolate. The easiest way to heat it in an airtight package.Break the chocolate into small pieces, closing in sealed package for mash we boil the water and pour it in a batch of chocolate. Keep there’s chocolate seconds 1020, the GAT and fingers mix chocolate (via package clasp do not disclose),if you feel that we are not thawn pieces, stick the package again in hot water, stir, and then fill out again so until you feel that all the chocolate has melted. When the chocolate has melted, we wipe a towel package from the water and leave it yet.

Now whip whites. Initially the maximum speed of the mixer whip the whites until thick (if you started to shake up fibers, Mixer not turn off until we add sugar, otherwise squirrels can settle), then gradually mix the sugar and whisk for a couple of minutes (sugar is not necessarily break up)

Cut a piece of the package, with chocolate, pour it on top of eggnog, and do just a few mixing boat movements to make such a marble effect.

On 2 parchment covered baking sheet spoon spread meringue, should get 1214 pieces. Do not spread the meringue too close because they noticeably grow up baking.

Bake at 250 F 1:00

On the basis of the meringues can be very delicious Meringue cake

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