Chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle


Even the word «Chocolate truffle« already sounds delicious and hopefully. In stores there are many variations on the theme, but most of them suffer from nenatural’nost’ju composition, with substitutes only, which makes these candy so tasty. But nothing prevents to cook them at home. Believe me, you delight!


  • Cream 3335%200, with more than a little thick fat mass.
  • Chocolate (not less than 60% cocoa solids, if you do not like the bitter taste, and no more)200 g
  • Chocolate sweeter50100 g will it sink and dipping, so the number of approximate)
  • Butter25 g
  • Rum or liqueur 2 tablespoons
  • Cocoa powder for surfacing


Heat cream to boiling, but do not boil. Bitter chocolate, which, in a food processoror chop rub. Stirring slowly pour cream into chocolate. And stir in circles until theweight becomes quite homogeneous, shiny and smooth. Cut butter into small pieces and add to stir up mass uniformity add rum or liqueur. Stir and hide in refrigerator for at 8:00.

Via 8 hours teaspoon of dough we make or hands something like balls. And again leave in the refrigerator to cool. In the meantime, break into small piecesover sweet chocolate and dissolve it in a water bath.

We obtain our balls, stick a toothpick in each and more apply it with melted chocolate. Simply dipping, but then a layer of chocolate will turn out thicker. Spread candy on the mat, plate or baking paper. Sprinkled every candy cocoa. You can immediately, and you can already when they cooled. Give sweets a little grab and enjoy.

Frozen sweets and can be stored without a refrigerator. You fell down in nuts andcoconut flakes, add dried fruit inside is all here at your taste. Sometimes adding a few drops of vanilla extract or mix a little cinnamon, ground cardamom and evena smidgen of pepper (I have the home fans and such).

If you love chocolate, cook Power cocoa


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